Bilder kull 1 Clover x Travis

juli 7th, 2014 | Posted by emmab in Windleaf

Se alla bilder från kullen i detta album.

Windleaf Vintage Decor ~Milo

First litter born 2011-12-18,

DkCh SeCh(U) DKV10 DKKV10 Follies Traveller x  Windrose Four Leaf Clover

with theme ”Interior Design blogs”:

Windleaf Desire to inspire, Windleaf Divine Design, Windleaf Redesign, Windleaf Making it lovely, Windleaf Lovely little details samt Windleaf Vintage decor.

Windleaf Making it Lovely ~Nova
Windleaf Making it Lovley ~Nova (8weeks) Hips A-A elbows 0-0

Windleaf Vintage Decor ~Milo

Windleaf Vintage Decor ~MiloWindleaf Vintage Decor ~Milo (3weeks, 3month) A-A höfter och 0 på armbågar (ua)

Windleaf Divine Design ~ Doris ~ 5 weeks

Valparna i första kullen

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